Lambhkarna International water purifying company.

About Us ?

At Rafale, we make a conscious effort to keep our environment safe and healthy. It is our constant endeavour to give back to the environment and the community at large..

As a part of Our Social Responsibility, we have started several initiatives such as - Plastic Recycling, Rain Water Harvesting and Ozone Treatments. We also organize several awareness programs to involve as many people as possible in pro-actively making our planet a healthier place to live.

We have always been passionate about building our own brands. We like to create, and we like to nurture what we create. Our initiatives contribute to create a positive impact on the environment and ensure that they are sustainable.
All this to ensure that each drop of Rafale is absolutely pure, hygienic and safe, everywhere in India!

What Can you do?

The society can contribute too by adopting some simple good habits

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